Alicia Gil Mataix

Valencia 1969

Alicia Gil Mataix studied  in Spain at the Faculty of Fine Arts (Facultad de las Bellas Artes de San Carlos) at the Polytechnic University of Valencia graduated with draw as specialization.

In 1997 she moved to the Netherlands. Her early works, made in Spain and the first years in the Netherlands, were mainly still lifes and abstract paintings. Gradually she started to paint  more landscapes. These are particularly impressions of Spanish landscapes inspired by her memories of her homeland.

Alicia comes from a family with roots in ceramics. Since she was a child she was surrounded by this craft and Mediterranean culture as well. These special light and landscapes are part of her.
The moving to The Netherlands produced a clash what have been translated in her work in the definition of her new environment. The lack of light during the most part of the year and the predefined landscape  where the nature has been adapted to the human wish are the most relevant elements of the new space what have influenced the most the work of Alicia.

Urban and rural images, immersed in silence, giving the viewer a sense of alienation from the subject and the environment in which it is are the subjects from Alicia’s work. The elements of the Mediterranean landscape are celebrated, in the sense of color, light and texture. The academic influence is latent as the love for the line