Alicia Gil Mataix


The nature gives inspiration and retreat. Alicia asks herself if the nature knows what is hapenning with us. 

In cold days gives you relief. While walking outside it seems that the birds look to us with compasion. In warm days while laying and looking above it seems that the trees want to reach the same point at heaven.


The nature is playing with us. What seems separate in the surface is amalgamated in the underground; what seems to be straight can be unpredictable; what in the surface likes to be dead is full of life underwater; what seems to be close is mostly far away and what seems to be rigid has to have resilence.

HUMANTHISTLE (2017-2020)

The Humanthistle project is a personification of the strong plant, which survives under extreme conditions protected by thorns. The images are difuus and get a fairytale effect thanks to the use of walnut ink and crayons with soft earth colours.

The last works are printed on wood and covered with Epoxi resin. This is  working like a mirrow wehere you see yourself as the thistle you may are..

THISTLES (2015-2017)

While working in the project "Roads" Alicia noticed that the thistle is one of the living being what more often come back on the road. The thistle is able to grow in places where other weaker plants forgiven, it is also protected by a thick cover of thorns and spiky leaves.
Thistles are considered weeds but they are eaten in difficult times as valuable food.
The thistle is strong and full of contradictions.
It is indispensable in the walks through the open fields in the summer when Alicia was a child.

ROADS (1999-2015)

Roads are usual theme. Roads are full of symbolism. They symbolize the course of life. They show us where we are and where we go.

Sometimes they are infinite and full of twists. Sometimes the roads show a bleak and desolate landscape. The landscape is empty and uninhabited in suburban or industrial area. Many of the roads lead to the sea. Peace, joy, mystery and tragedy are nouns that Alicia associates with the sea.

Acryl on canvas

Roads little format (2015-2017)

Experiment with materials and techniques like walnut stain, washed and encaustic.

Work on paper and wood



 LA NOSTRA COSA (2015-2016)

"La Cosa Nostra" is a project that arose from the question why at idyllic places crimes can happen. 

The quetion what Alicia wants to answer is if we desire to live in a beautiful place and want to enjoy our senses, how is it possible that those beautiful places are scenarios of bad behavior.

In these areas are ordinary objects and people also potential dangers.
Alicia 's idyllic place is the Mediterranean. That's why she has chosen images that were inspired by that environment.

The pine cones, fish, soccer, may be witnesses of crime and may also have played an active role.


ABSTRACT (1993-1997)

Transparencies and textures used to create a dynamic space

 gouche on paper