Alicia Gil Mataix
Fine Artist

About me

I come from a family with roots in ceramics. Since I was a child I saw people from my family on the go with the painting of clay pots. Brushes, paint, Spanish traditions and Mediterranean culture as well, with its special light and landscapes are part of me.

I have always been attracted by the modernist buildings with their rich decorations in my city home Valencia. This interest led me started to study architecture. At the same time I developed a great interest in Ewards Hopper's paintings. Urban and rural images, immersed in silence, giving the viewer a sense of alienation from the subject and the environment in which it is. Human figures are not communicating. The lighting, the tragic and poetic image, a perfect whole. In this time I painted realistic landscapes with great attention to light.

Once at the Faculty of Fine Arts, and by the teacher for methods of graphic expression I came into contact with organic paint. The Spanish painter Tapies at that time was my role model. Organic paint, which living organisms are used to participate in the creative act, so you're never sure of the outcome of the work. Part of my own work was abstract. I studied light and color.

Then I discovered Miquel Barcelo work, like many of my fellow students. Grove images, where the strength of the paint and all kinds of added elements play a major role. Nature, life and death and all around these were his themes. The Mediterranean always as a central feature of his work.

My work reflects the interest in elements from nature, the land, the sea and impressions of my travels to places bathed in Mediterranean light. There are never any people pictured as the places and moments exist or repeat themselves while the people themselves only temporary witnesses. I use a clear base palette supported by earth colors. In my paintings the image has not teh maypr role, but the paint and other elements such as paper or pigments are interesting in themselves. My images are figurative but not realistic. The composition should be exciting. That can be seen in the use of colors, the major lines and light contrast.